Class f_imageButton

  extended by f_object
      extended by f_eventTarget
          extended by f_component
              extended by f_imageButton
All Implemented Interfaces:
Element, fa_aria, fa_borderType, fa_clientData, fa_disabled, fa_eventTarget, fa_images, fa_immediate, fa_readOnly, fa_serializable, fa_tabIndex, fa_value, HTMLElement, Node
Direct Known Subclasses:
f_dateChooser, f_helpButton, f_imageCheckButton, f_imageCombo, f_imagePagerButton, f_imageResetButton, f_imageSubmitButton, f_textEditorImageButton

public class f_imageButton
extends f_component
implements fa_value, fa_disabled, fa_aria, fa_borderType, fa_tabIndex, fa_immediate, fa_readOnly, fa_images

f_imageButton class

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 String f_getText()
          Returns the text of the button.
 void f_setFocus()
          Set the focus to this component.
 void f_setText(String text)
          Set the text of the button
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Method Detail


public String f_getText()
Returns the text of the button.


public void f_setFocus()
Set the focus to this component.

f_setFocus in class f_component


public void f_setText(String text)
Set the text of the button

text -