Interface HTMLElement

All Superinterfaces:
Element, Node
All Implemented Interfaces:
Element, Node
All Known Implementing Classes:
HTMLFormElement, HTMLIFrameElement, HTMLInputElement, HTMLLIElement, HTMLScriptElement, HTMLTableElement, HTMLTableRowElement, f_abstractEntry, f_abstractList, f_additionalInformation, f_box, f_button, f_calendar, f_card, f_cardBox, f_checkButton, f_combo, f_comboGrid, f_component, f_componentsGrid, f_componentsList, f_compositeNumEntry, f_customButton, f_dataGrid, f_dataGridPopup, f_dateChooser, f_dateEntry, f_eventTarget, f_expandBar, f_externalBox, f_fieldSet, f_filtredComponent, f_grid, f_helpButton, f_helpMessageZone, f_hiddenValue, f_hyperLink, f_image, f_imageButton, f_imageCheckButton, f_imageCombo, f_imagePagerButton, f_imageRadioButton, f_imageResetButton, f_imageSubmitButton, f_input, f_itemsList, f_itemsToolFolder, f_keyEntry, f_keyLabel, f_lineBreak, f_list, f_menu, f_menuBar, f_menuBarBase, f_menuBase, f_message, f_messageFieldSet, f_messages, f_numberEntry, f_pager, f_passwordEntry, f_progressBar, f_progressIndicator, f_radioButton, f_resetButton, f_ruler, f_scheduler, f_spinner, f_styledMessage, f_styledText, f_submitButton, f_suggestTextEntry, f_tab, f_tabbedPane, f_text, f_textArea, f_textEditor, f_textEditorCombo, f_textEditorImageButton, f_textEntry, f_timeEntry, f_toolBar, f_toolFolder, f_tree

public HTMLElement
extends Element

All HTML element interfaces derive from this class. Elements that only expose the HTML core attributes are represented by the base HTMLElement interface. These elements are as follows:

Note: The style attribute of an HTML element is accessible through the ElementCSSInlineStyle interface which is defined in the CSS module [DOM Level 2 Style Sheets and CSS].

Field Summary
 String className
          The class attribute of the element.
 String dir
          Specifies the base direction of directionally neutral text and the directionality of tables.
 String id
          The element's identifier.
 String lang
          Language code defined in RFC 1766.
Fields inherited from class Element
Fields inherited from class Node
childNodes, firstChild, lastChild, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, ownerDocument, parentNode, previousSibling
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class Element
getAttribute, getElementsByTagName, removeAttribute, setAttribute
Methods inherited from class Node
appendChild, hasChildNodes, insertBefore, removeChild, replaceChild

Field Detail


String id
The element's identifier. See the id attribute definition in HTML 4.0.


String dir
Specifies the base direction of directionally neutral text and the directionality of tables. See the dir attribute definition in HTML 4.0.


String className
The class attribute of the element. This attribute has been renamed due to conflicts with the "class" keyword exposed by many languages. See the class attribute definition in HTML 4.0.


String lang
Language code defined in RFC 1766. See the lang attribute definition in HTML 4.0.