About Rich Client Faces

RC Faces or Rich Client Faces is a JavaServerFaces library that provides a set of components for building modern Web applications. RC Faces uses AJAX technologies and an object-oriented JavaScript API to ease the building of highly interactive user interfaces.

This open source (GNU LGPL License) library has been developed by the Vedana company since the summer 2004.

RC Faces is currently used by a french public organisation for a major project :

  • > 3000 users
  • Average page loading time : < 1.5 seconds

The distinctive advantages of RC Faces are :

  • Ability to create desktop-like applications that run inside the browser.
  • Simplify the use of potentially complex technologies like AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Have "on the fly" client-side field validation.
  • Rich set of components
  • Ability to customize the look and feel of components through skins, behaviors and capabilities.
  • Highly extensible through custom components.

The project is hosted on SourceForge : http://sourceforge.net/projects/rcfaces/

Vedana can offer professionnal support for projects using RCFaces (contact us).