TextEditor Component


The textEditorToolFolder component is a container allowing to edit text and have a specific toolBar

The textEditorToolFolder Component has the following capabilities :

  • IRequiredCapability
  • ITextCapability
  • ITextDirectionCapability
  • IEmptyMessageCapability
  • IReadOnlyCapability
  • IValueChangeEventCapability
  • IMenuCapability
  • IFocusStyleClassCapability
  • ISeverityStyleClassCapability
  • ISelectionEventCapability
  • IAlternateTextCapability

The default textEditorToolFolder renderer is linked to the f_textEditor javascript class. f_textEditor extends f_component

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_textEditor Defines styles for the wrapper DIV element

Screen Shot


			Editor ToolBar
		<v:toolBar width="650" borderType="relief"  itemPadding="0" styleClass="textEditorTB" >
				<v:textEditorToolFolder for="editor">
			<br />
			<v:textEditor id="editor" width="600" height="200" styleClass="textEditor" valueMimeType="text/html"  >