Spinner Component


The spinner Component is a textEntry Component that accepts numbers and whose value can be incremented or decremented (by a parametrable step) with buttons or the keyboard arrows.

The spinner Component has the following capabilities :

  • Position & Size
  • Foreground & Background Color
  • Text & font
  • Help
  • Visibility, Read-Only, Disabled
  • Events Handling
  • limits and step

The default spinner renderer is linked to the f_spinner javascript class. f_spinner extends f_textEntry, fa_spinner

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_spinner Defines styles for the wrapper element
f_spinner_input Defines styles for the INPUT element
f_spinner_up Defines styles for the IMG element of the up button
f_spinner_down Defines styles for the IMG elemen of the down button

Screen Shot


<v:spinner minimum="-10" maximum="10" step="1" cycleValue="true" columnNumber="4" />