Ruler Component


The ruler Component is the <HR> HTML equivalent.

It is used often when simple HTML is not desirable : for example if a part of a page is loaded via AJAX it might be easier to have only a jsf tree memory represantation.

The ruler Component has the following capability :

  • IPositionCapability
  • IMarginCapability
  • ISizeCapability
  • IVisibilityCapability
  • IHiddenModeCapability
  • ILookAndFeelCapability
  • IOrientationCapability
  • IForegroundBackgroundColorCapability
  • IAlignmentCapability

The default ruler renderer is linked to the f_ruler javascript class. f_ruler extends f_component

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_ruler Defines styles for the HR element

Screen Shot


<v:ruler />