List Component


The list Component is based on the standard HTML tag <SELECT>.

The list Component has the following capabilities :

  • IMultipleSelectCapability
  • IDoubleClickEventCapability

The default list renderer is linked to the f_list javascript class. f_list extends f_abstractList, fa_selectionProvider

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_list Defines styles for the wrapper SELECT element

Screen Shot


<v:list id="singleList" multipleSelect="false">
	<f:selectItem id="sllab1" itemLabel="Texte 1" itemValue="VAL s1" />
	<f:selectItem id="sllab2" itemLabel="Texte 2" itemValue="VAL s2" itemDisabled="true"/>
	<f:selectItem id="sllab3" itemLabel="Texte 3" itemValue="VAL s3" />
	<f:selectItem id="sllab4" itemLabel="Texte 4" itemValue="VAL s4" />
	<f:selectItem id="sllab5" itemLabel="Texte 5" itemValue="VAL s5" />