HiddenValue Component


The hiddenValue Component is a non-visual component. It is equivalent to and Input hidden type HTML tag.

It allows to access and store value on the client and on the server while keeping it concealed. The clientData Component can also be used.

The hiddenValue Component has the following capability :

  • IClientDataCapability
  • IServerDataCapability
  • IPropertyChangeEventCapability
  • IImmediateCapability
  • IValueLockedCapability
  • IValidationEventCapability
  • IUserEventCapability
  • IClientDataManager
  • IServerDataManager

The default hiddenValue renderer is link to the f_hiddenValue javascript class. f_hiddenValue extends f_eventTarget, fa_serializable, fa_clientData

Screen Shot

No Screenshot for a non-visual component.


<v:hiddenValue id="cardId" value="#{editCard.card}" converter="cardId" immediate="true" />