FieldSet Component


The fieldSet Component is a container with a title (text and/or picture).

The fieldSet Component has the following capabilities :

  • IFontCapability
  • ITextCapability
  • ITextDirectionCapability
  • ITextAlignmentCapability
  • IVerticalAlignmentCapability
  • IBorderTypeCapability
  • IImageCapability
  • IImageSizeCapability
  • IVariableScopeCapability
  • IOverStyleClassCapability
  • IImageAccessorsCapability

The default fieldSet renderer is link to the f_fieldSet javascript class. f_fieldSet extends f_component, fa_overStyleClass

Table of component style classes :

Style Name Description
f_fieldSet Defines styles for the wrapper DIV element
f_fieldSet_cellBody Edit style of fieldSet body
fb_rounded The border rouned style class (contains the title)

Screen Shot


<v:fieldSet text="${messages.editCard_fieldSet_name}" width="406" marginTop="8" marginBottom="8">
   <v:text text="${messages.editCard_txt_first}" for="first" accessKey="${messages.editCard_txtKey_first}"/>