DateEntry Component


The dateEntry Component is a specialized textEntry Component. it sports auto-completion related to the validity of the numbers entered as a date.

The dateEntry Component has the following capabilities :

  • PIRequiredCapability
  • IAutoTabCapability
  • IValueChangeEventCapability
  • IFocusStyleClassCapability
  • ISeverityStyleClassCapability
  • IDateFormatCapability
  • IValidationParameters

The default dateEntry renderer is link to the f_dateEntry javascript class. f_dateEntry extends f_compositeNumEntry, fa_calendarPopup

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_dateEntry Defines styles for the wrapper DIV element
f_dateEntry_dd Defines styles for day INPUT element.
f_dateEntry_MM Defines styles for month INPUT element.
f_dateEntry_yyyy Defines styles for years INPUT element.

Screen Shot


<v:dateEntry id="entry3" autoCompletion="true"  /gt;