DateChooser Component


The dateChooser Component is a button that shows a calendar and help the user to choose a date. It can be associated to a entry field, the choosen date is then automatically entered in the field. It works like an Image Button Component. The dateChooser Component does not provide an Entry field.

The dateChooser Component has the following capabilities :

  • IImageButtonFamilly
  • IValueChangeEventCapability
  • IForCapability
  • ICalendarLayoutCapability

The default dateChooser renderer is link to the f_dateChooser javascript class. f_dateChooser extends f_imageButton, fa_calendarPopup

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_dateChooser Defines styles for the wrapper DIV element.
f_dateChooser_image Defines styles for the wrapper IMG element for the calendar icone .
f_dateChooser_popup Defines styles for the wrapper DIV element for the calendar pop-up.

Screen Shot


<v:dateEntry id="entry3" autoCompletion="true"  />
		for="entry3" />