ComponentsList Component


The componentslist component Shows the components for each data with pagination.

The componentslist Component has the following capabilities :

  • IMenuCapability
  • IBorderCapability
  • IBorderTypeCapability
  • IScrollableCapability
  • IShowValueCapability

The default componentsList renderer is link to the f_componentslist javascript class. f_componentslist extends f_component, fa_pagedComponent

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_componentslist Defines styles for the wrapper DIV element. Contains a Table
f_componentslist_cell Defines styles for the wrapper TD element for the row.

Screen Shot


	  <div style="padding: 10px">
					<v:componentsList id="dl1" rows="8" width="400" var="row" value="#{timeZones}" columnNumber="2">
								<v:text text="#{row.ID}" />
								<v:textEntry />
								<v:checkButton text="OK" />
				    <br />
			    <v:pager for="dl1" width="400" />