Complex Component Information

Description for Complex components


Document Description
Calendar shows a calendar.
CardBox similar to the tabbedPane Component without title and borders.
ComboGrid The comboGrid Component has the same fonctionalities as the combo component but the popup is based on a dataGrid
ComponentsGrid The componentsGrid Component is an evolution of dataGrid component.
ComponentsList shows the components for each data with pagination
DataGrid a grid component.
ExpandBar a container that can be collapsed to show only a title bar.
ImagePagerButton an imageButton Component that works like the keyword in the pager Component.
Menu provides a way of creating desktop style menus on web pages.
MessageFieldSet a fieldSet Component combined with a message Component in the title part.
Pager shows informations about a dataGrid Component result set.
ProgressBar indicates the evolution of a task.
Scheduler shows a planning
Spinner a textEntry Component whose value can be changed with buttons.
SuggestTextEntry a textEntry Component with an autosuggestion feature.
TabbedPane provides a way to show more information on a single page.
TextEditor a container allowing to edit text and have a specific toolBar.
ToolBar allows developers to easily add toolbars containing diffenrent components.
Tree shows informations in an arborescent view.
ViewDialog represents popup modal view. It is based on the standard HTML tag <IFrame>.