CheckButton Component


The checkButton Component is equivalent to the <INPUT TYPE="checkbox"> HTML tag.

The checkButton Component has the following capabilities :

  • ITextCapability
  • ITextDirectionCapability
  • IHorizontalTextPositionCapability
  • ISelectionEventCapability
  • IReadOnlyCapability
  • IAlternateTextCapability
  • IFocusStyleClassCapability
  • ISeverityStyleClassCapability
  • ISelectedCapability

The default checkButton renderer is linked to the f_checkButton javascript class. f_checkButton extends f_button

Table of component style classes:

Style Name Description
f_checkButton Defines styles for the wrapper DIV element
f_checkButton_input Defines styles for the wrapper Input button element
f_checkButton_text Defines styles for the wrapper Span element containing the text

Screen Shot


     text="Fill personnal address book with samples."
     accessKey="F" />


The VALUE attribute is considered Boolean (TRUE or FALSE).