Box Component


The Box Component is a container.

It can have a graphical representation or not; But it is mainly used to apply a collective treatment to a set of component, for example show or hide a group of component.

The Box Component has the following capabilities :

  • IBackgroundImageCapability
  • IBorderCapability
  • IMouseEventCapability
  • IInitEventCapability
  • ILoadEventCapability
  • IMenuCapability
  • IAsyncRenderModeCapability
  • IAsyncDecodeModeCapability
  • ITypedComponentCapability
  • IOverStyleClassCapability
  • IScrollableCapability

The default box renderer is linked to the f_box javascript class. f_box extends f_component, fa_asyncRender, fa_subMenu

Table of component style classes :

Style Name Description
f_box Defines styles for the wrapper element of the component

Screen Shot

No screen shot for the box Component


<v:box id="box4" width="200" height="200" backgroundColor="#DDD">>
    <table ...